Micolab Solo 6c Bookshelf Speakers

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High fidelity bookshelf stereo speakers with beautiful wood finish. Designed with Microlab’s attention to detail and audio expertise. This series is ideal for most living room, bedroom, and party setups.

The Solo series provides crystal clear and dynamic tones through audio drivers specially designed by Peter Larsen (respected acoustical engineer).

High resolution and near perfect performance, simply stunning audio production quality.

Powerful sharp cone dispersion woofer design for the perfect audio experience.

Comes with infrared remote control capability for wireless remote control.

  • Crystal clear dynamic highs, balanced mid range and deep powerful bass
  • Reference monitor quality, driven by high quality drivers
  • Wooden Cabinet
  • Each cabinet with 1″ tweeter for high notes and 6.5″ woofer for mid to low depths and bass
  • Ideal for high fidelity music, movies and digital media playbacks

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Micolab Solo 6c Bookshelf Speakers

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Micolab Solo 6c Bookshelf Speakers